TOM COCO 9 Cubes

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TOM COCO are a fantastic brand of coal and great alternative if you want a small compact box of coal for travelling or camping.

Coconut charcoal is made from 100% Coconut shell and burns nearly 4 times slower than other charcoals. Here are some key benefits to using Coconut coal:

  • They do not give a harsh or charcoal taste, and do not contain any chemicals which speed its ignition
  • They are 100% natural and do not produce unbearable fume scents like other coal types
  • They are stronger than most coals and will not crumble easily when picked up with tongs
  • The ash that is left once they burn is thick and does not fly around like some other coal types
  • They can last up to 1 hour 20 minutes before completely losing their effect

Please do not use place these in reaching distance of children when lit.

Please do not touch the coals with your hands when lit, use charcoal tongs.

Please do not light these in a confined space, we recommend you using a portable Charcoal heater tool and using it outdoors.

Please do not use any igniting liquids or substances to speed the process of lighting the coals.

1 box includes : 9 Cubes

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