Oduman N5-Z - Starter Kit

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The Turkish company Oduman is famous for its unique pipes. The Oduman N5 is a solid and spectacularly made shisha pipe that can serve its user for a very long time. Its pipe is made from 100% stainless steel. The glass bowl is made from Hand-blown sodium glass.

Contents of the package:

  • Oduman N5-Z Pipe
  • Silicone hose / Mouthpiece
  • Black Silicone Bowl
  • Silver Charcoal Chimney Pan
  • Electric Charcoal Heater (brand may vary)
  • Pre-cut shisha foil pack (brand may vary)
  • 10 Pieces Mouth Tips (style may vary)
  • 1kg Coconut coals (brand may vary)
  • Yahya Coal Tong
  • 1 LED light, including remote


    Height: 47 cm

    Hose length: approx. 150 cm


    Be aware there may be small scratches or minor imperfections from manufacturing, this is normal. Parts with minor imperfections will not be replaced.

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