Khalil Mamoon - Mini Beast

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These Khalil Mamoon products are all genuine, they come with genuine accessories which have been added in by Khalil Mamoon themselves. They are all made from Stainless steel in Egypt, the most sought after Shisha brand in the industry, with the traditional Egyptian look and exquisite details. All the pipes have been hand made.

Each product includes:

  • Khalil Mamoon pipe & Base
  • Khalil Mamoon Ash tray
  • Khalil Mamoon Flavour bowl
  • Khalil Mamoon Coal tongs
  • Khalil Mamoon Traditional hose (Latest versions shown are plastic meaning they are washable)
  • Base protecting rubber
  • All relevant grommets
  • 2X Cleaning brushes (one large for the glass bowl, one thin for the pipe)

Khalil Mamoon Mini Beast 22"
The Khalil Mamoon Mini Beast, made from solid Brass using extraordinary techniques with engraving and design. This shisha pipe is genuinely one of the most detailed KM in our collection. It has hidden Khalil Mamoon signatures all over the stem. It is smaller and more compact than the others, standing at 22", you can take this mini hookah with you wherever you go. It includes the original KM hose, made from leather so they are not washable however they allow flavour to steep into the hose... further enhancing your shisha pipe to make it especially for you. WE HAVE LIMITED STOCKS ON THIS EXCLUSIVE PIECE SO GET IT WHILE STOCKS LAST.


All our Khalil Mamoon products are hand made, meaning you may find some small scratches or inconsistencies in the paintwork of the bottles, this is normal... they are sold by Khalil Mamoon like this. You will be able to identify these products as genuine from the weld marks you will notice on the stem, weld marks provide you evidence that they are hand made. When you turn your KM upside down you may hear some rattling, this is nothing to worry about... this happens sometimes because of debris falling in the separation between the stem tube and the outer shell design during manufacturing. PLEASE ENSURE YOU CLEAN YOUR STEM USING THE CLEANING BRUSHES INCLUDED BEFORE FIRST USE, AS THERE MAY BE SOME FINE METAL DEBRIS INSIDE FROM THE MANUFACTURING OF THEM.

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