Khalil Mamoon - Green

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These Khalil Mamoon products are all genuine, they come with genuine accessories which have been added in by Khalil Mamoon themselves. They are all made from Stainless steel in Egypt, the most sought after Shisha brand in the industry, with the traditional Egyptian look and exquisite details. All the pipes have been hand made.

Khalil Mamoon - Cafe Style Green

  • Height: 30” / 76cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Product includes:

  • Khalil Mamoon pipe & Base
  • Khalil Mamoon Ash tray
  • Khalil Mamoon Flavour bowl
  • Khalil Mamoon Coal tongs
  • Khalil Mamoon Traditional hose (Latest versions shown are plastic meaning they are washable)
  • Base protecting rubber
  • All relevant grommets
  • 2X Cleaning brushes (one large for the glass bowl, one thin for the pipe)

Be aware there may be small scratches or minor imperfections from manufacturing, this is normal. Vase paintwork may look smudged. Heads may have small chips. Parts with minor imperfections will not be replaced.

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