Khalil Mamoon - Cafe Style - Matte Black

Bowl: Standard Bowl
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These Khalil Mamoon products are all genuine, they come with genuine accessories which have been added in by Khalil Mamoon themselves. They are all made from Stainless steel in Egypt, the most sought after Shisha brand in the industry, with the traditional Egyptian look and exquisite details. All the pipes have been hand made.

Each product includes:

  • Khalil Mamoon pipe & Base
  • Khalil Mamoon Ashtray
  • Khalil Mamoon Flavour bowl
  • Khalil Mamoon Coal tongs
  • Khalil Mamoon Traditional hose (Latest versions shown are plastic meaning they are washable)
  • Base protecting rubber
  • All relevant grommets
  • 2X Cleaning brushes (one large for the glass bowl, one thin for the pipe)

Khalil Mamoon Cafe Style 30" 
The Cafe Style has to be the most acquired Shisha pipe in the world, winning its spot as the most sought after pipe to be used in Shisha lounges & Restaurants around the globe. It has become the go-to shisha pipe for most people due to its renowned simplicity and smooth smoke, its size is perfect and agile to handle and stands out with its stainless steel chrome finish. It combines beauty and precision with extraordinary flavour, the Cafe Style can contain a wonderful flavour for a long period without giving harshness or burn. It comes with the latest version of the Khalil Mamoon hose which is made from flexible plastic so it can be washed from the inside an unlimited amount of times. 


All our Khalil Mamoon products are hand made, meaning you may find some small scratches or inconsistencies in the paintwork of the bottles, this is normal... they are sold by Khalil Mamoon like this. You will be able to identify these products as genuine from the weld marks you will notice on the stem, weld marks provide you evidence that they are hand made. When you turn your KM upside down you may hear some rattling, this is nothing to worry about... this happens sometimes because of debris falling in the separation between the stem tube and the outer shell design during manufacturing. PLEASE ENSURE YOU CLEAN YOUR STEM USING THE CLEANING BRUSHES INCLUDED BEFORE FIRST USE, AS THERE MAY BE SOME FINE METAL DEBRIS INSIDE FROM THE MANUFACTURING OF THEM.

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