Gold Chimney Charcoal Holder Bundle (Incl. Handle + Silicone Head)

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Chimney Charcoal Holder is an ideal accessory to ensure that your coals are sturdy on the flavour head minimising the risk of them falling off. The Chimney Charcoal Holder also has a tube which connects to the centre of the plate, this allows your hookah to breathe and gives a longer lasting session.

This version also includes a handle, allowing you to easily pick up the bowl while it is hot and remove all debris left on the plate.

Silicone Head Benefits:

  • Not having to worry about burning your hand. Silicone does not transfer heat as fast as the traditional clay bowl
  • Easier to clean
  • Does not chip or break if dropped
  • Fits onto all Shisha pipes
  • Easy to fit as no grommets are needed to hold it in place

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