Shisha Flavours

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    We offer both tobacco and tobacco-free, nicotine-free, shisha flavours. Not only are tobacco-free flavours cheaper than regular tobacco, but they're also a much healthier option. Allowing you to enjoy your session without having to worry about the harmful effects of smoking.

    8 products
    BIGG ICEROCKZ - 120g | Shisha On Demand
    BIGG ICEROCKZ - 120g
    Al Fakher Shisha Flavour (50g/100g) | Shisha On Demand
    Al Fakher Shisha Flavour (20g)
    Mazaya (250g) | Shisha On Demand
    Mazaya (100g)
    Space Smoke Basic - 30g - Khalilmamoon
    Space Smoke Basic - 30g
    Space Smoke Arabian - 30g - Khalilmamoon
    Space Smoke Arabian - 30g
    Space Smoke Light Mix - 30g - Khalilmamoon
    Space Smoke Light Mix - 30g
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    Soex (50g) | Shisha On Demand
    Soex (50g)
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    Adalya (50g) | Shisha On Demand
    Adalya (50g)